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Helping brands persuade with marketing psychology on Instagram.

Created to mark UK pubs opening up again, the new Guinness ad is a lesson in marketing psychology magic.

Or just proof, in ad form, that good things really do come to those who wait. Specifically if you’re holding your breath for Lockdown Exit.

Here’s why ‘Welcome Back’ is #Loxit…

Did you know that using persuasive marketing psychology can make your brand more engaging & effective on Instagram?

You can learn to post with purpose and more clarity on social media when you find your WHY.

Marketing psychology on Instagram

Social media marketing can be time-consuming & confusing, agreed?

Business owners need a way…

Where to put Instagrammable vignettes in your business

Bloggers or small businesses — are you making the most of a huge marketing opportunity by creating Instagrammable style spots?

You’re missing out if you’re not planning how to get your space ready for sharing on social media.

What if you don’t know where to start?

Take the guesswork out…

Squaring up — should Instagrammable be a commercial goal?

What does Instagrammable even mean?

To Instagram” is now a verb.

People already talk about Instagramming a space or an experience. That means that Instagrammable is not the future of social media marketing. It’s the present.

Instagrammable” is now a well-used search term. Type it into Google search to see…

Planning a city break in Palma de Mallorca? Take this Palma Instatour, which shows you the top city spots for beautiful photographs.

3 image collage of Palma de Mallorca, water fountain and courtyard

Meet the moment

Like many Instatours, this is not about mindless snapping. It’s about being uplifted by everyday beauty.

Don’t click quickly and move on.

Savour the view.

Appreciate its beauty through your camera.

Visiting Copenhagen? Take our Copenhagen Instatour, which shows you our top city spots for beautiful Instagram images.

Making mindful memories

Our Copenhagen Instatour is not about mindless snapping. It’s about being uplifted by everyday beauty.

We don’t suggest you click quickly and move on.

Take the time to smell the flowers and listen to the birds.

Throw in a coffee break too. It’s totally possible to savour the moment and…

First published in the Daily Telegraph

Weighing up the most suitable footwear for our Roman walk, I suspect my travelling shoes could decide my path, or at least my mood.

Mindful of the gospel according to Marilyn Monroe — “give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the…

Virtual Gold Dust | Sue Moore

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