Marketers & copywriters — I help you do your own marketing, with a twist of psychology.

We all want to build a content strategy that keeps us top-of-mind for potential clients.

But does marketing effort always lead to outcome? In other words, is the juice worth the squeeze?

Not always, in my experience as a marketer.

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Here’s the problem.

You want marketing to open doors for your business.

Ideas often aren’t the issue.

Most marketers I know have got notebooks full of ideas.


Squaring up — should Instagrammable be a commercial goal?

What does Instagrammable even mean?

To Instagram” is now a verb.

People already talk about Instagramming a space or an experience. That means that Instagrammable is not the future of social media marketing. It’s the present.

Instagrammable” is now a well-used search term. Type it into Google search to see…

Visiting Copenhagen? Take our Copenhagen Instatour, which shows you our top city spots for beautiful Instagram images.

Making mindful memories

Our Copenhagen Instatour is not about mindless snapping. It’s about being uplifted by everyday beauty.

We don’t suggest you click quickly and move on.

Take the time to smell the flowers and listen to the birds.

Throw in a coffee break too. It’s totally possible to savour the moment and…

Virtual Gold Dust | Sue Moore

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